I'm Olivia Rhodes, a 20 year old Media student from West Yorkshire. I'm a big fan of Sheffield United FC, Bruce Springsteen, FC Barcelona and other Spanish things.

I started this blog in 2012 and have focused it around my two passions in life: football and feminism. There is still so much negativity around the word 'feminism', so I hope that this blog will inform people on what modern day feminism is all about and make them see that it's a really great thing and in no way negative. I'm particularly passionate about raising awareness of sexism in the world of football; it's something which affects me and many people I care about and something which I think should be totally eradicated. I'm a fan of all different types of music and enjoy writing about the music that I love. One day, I would like to make it into sports journalism (although I just have to clarify that I really really really don't want to be a Sky Sports News reporter...)

That is all! Oh, and you can find me on twitter at @livvyrhodes. I'm pretty dull and tend to just talk about how much I love Victor Valdes.

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