Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Educating the Yorkshire girl.

I haven't written anything on here for a while. Third year of University has had me swamped with guilt; every spare moment was spent doing my dissertation or thinking 'Oh god, I should not be doing this, I should be sat at my laptop doing my dissertation'. However, it's all over now. Last Thursday, I finished University and education forever. I try not to make my posts too self-centred, but I think this one deserves to be.

My University experience was a really, really strange one. If asked whether it was a positive or negative experience, I honestly don't know how I'd reply. On a personal level, I've changed enormously over the past three years. The experiences I've gone through have made me a more well-rounded and stronger person, as well as much less naive. 

I chose to study Media Studies for the same reason a lot of people choose their Uni course: it was the only thing I was a good at in Sixth Form. Music and Drama had always been my favourite and best subjects, but the written exams completely threw me at A-Level and I did spectacularly bad. Pretty much everybody that doesn’t study it knocks Media Studies; however, I honestly believe that it’s one of the most important subjects to study. We live in a world that is completely enthralled by various forms of media; music, film and television is more accessible than it ever has been, and web 2.0 has completely changed the way we produce and consume all different forms of media.

Many of us, myself included, define ourselves by the popular culture that we love. I am the person that loves Springsteen, football and Cheryl Cole; my friend is the person who loves Robbie Williams, Marvel films and The Golden Girls. Media and culture changes our lives and shapes our personalities, yet so many deem it ‘not a proper subject’ or ‘not important enough to study’. It is a proper subject, and it is hugely important.

Like I said, University was tough on a personal level, but there have been some huge positives. I met some incredible people from all over the country whilst at Uni. Outside of Uni, I’ve had the privilege to work with some of my best friends, who make a shit job ridiculously fun week in week out. I hate those clichés that often appear on Instagram about people coming in and out of your life and shit, but the last three years have made me realise that a lot of them are relatively true. People that you trust can let you down and turn out to be arseholes, but the good people outweigh the bad people. Now, I have the best people in my life. The type of people who can throw green alcohol up my kitchen wall and I couldn't care less because they are the most supportive and best friend I could wish for (hello Chaz pet).

When I started University, I never wanted to leave Leeds and needed support from one person in order to feel OK. I don’t now. I’m a gobshite feminist that’s about to spend three months living in another country and intent on working in the male-dominated world of football. I have never been so happy in all my 21 years of life.

'Education is an important key, but the good life's never won by degrees.'