Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Sarah Millican TV Show

I really, really like Sarah Millican. I think she's incredibly funny, and she's been one of the main - if not the main - women that has fought the ludicrous 'women aren't funny' stereotype over the past few years. Like myself, Sarah Millican is a feminist. I imagine that like fellow comedienne Katherine Ryan, it drives her absolutely insane when she receives tweets saying "You're dead funny for a woman!"

Gender has nothing to do with whether you're funny or not. Having a vagina doesn't automatically make you serious, hard-faced and incapable of laughter. Anyway, I'm really not getting to the point here. The point is, I really like Sarah Millican, but there was something about tonight's episode of The Sarah Millican TV Show that really annoyed me.

Anyone reading this probably knows how angry I get about sexism in football, and how much I bang on about it. On this evening's episode of TSMTVS, Jeff Stelling was a guest, and sadly, Sarah Millican totally played on and fed the 'all women hate and know nothing about football' stereotype. This was during a scene where Stelling was supposedly trying to teach Sarah how to be a pundit on Soccer Saturday (by the way, there are currently 21 pundits on Soccer Saturday, and one is female. One.)

So anyway, Jeff did his usual thing, and then handed over to Sarah who was taking on the role of one of the in-studio pundits such as Charlie Nicholas or Paul Merson. Sarah looked at the screen in confusion and said something along the lines of "Erm... there's a lot of coloured shirts. I'm not sure who's the goodies and who's the baddies... only one bloke has the ball and they all seem to be chasing after him..." She then supposedly switched the channel to an episode of Friends, which she enjoyed thoroughly, because she's a woman and all women are stupid when it comes to football OBVIOUSLY!

I realise that people will read this and think I'm totally overreacting and being a dick with no sense of humour. But the thing is, Sarah Millican is an outspoken feminist. And when your fellow feminists are doing the same stereotypical shite as the people you're against are, who the fuck is going to help you change things? I'm sure that Sarah is totally lovely, wasn't doing it purposely, and does just genuinely find football really dull, but as someone who has experienced having to convince blokes that you do actually know just as much about football as they do, it's really fucking annoying. It might seem like I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill, but the only way to make a big difference in the world is by changing little things one at a time.

Basically, all I'm saying is that if we do really want equality in the work place, in our hobbies, and in our lives in general, we need to fight against the stereotypes that drag us down in the pecking order, not just go with them 'for a laugh'. Because having a laugh can be great, but overall that isn't what changes society's perception of women; banging on about stuff like this is.